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CORE Mechanics is passionate about identifying the cause of an injury, rather than treating the symptoms.

A full assessment of your body looks at the movement and biomechanics of your joints to identify target areas for rehabilitation. The aim is to provide a stable, balanced and strong body which prevents pain and injury.


Compensations during/post injury, historical injuries, weaknesses, post pregnancy or over use of a dominant side can cause pain, damage, and referred pain across the body. By improving the biomechanics of the whole body, many areas of pain are relieved as joints can work in their correct plane of motion and muscles can work in synergy. 

In addition to injury rehabilitation, the clinic is also specialist in severe rehabilitation - stability in standing, sitting, walking, and hypermobility. It also focuses on sports event training by analysing each movement required for individual sports from golf, cycling and running to horse riding, shooting and swimming. The aim is to strengthen and balance a body to its full potential to prevent injury and increase performance.

Clinics are based in London SW12, Winchester, Hampshire and West Wittering, Sussex. Sessions are run on an individual basis, starting with a full body assessment.

There is also an online subscription for classes focussing on back strength and golf. There will shortly be a programme so you can analyse yourself and identify areas that could be causing pain and weakness.



your body to understand any pains, aches or weaknesses.


pain and injury by insuring your body is strong and balanced.


your body for sport: for pleasure or to win.

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