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CORE Mechanics – Director


Becky is a specialist in injury rehabilitation. She uses her biomedical science knowledge and sports experience to rehabilitate clients, help prepare for sports events, and improve balance and stability in posture and movement.


She has a Biomedical Science degree from Sheffield University where she specialised in anatomy and physiology.  She then worked in pain management working with rheumatologists and pain consultants.

Her love of the body and movement started from an early age as a gymnast and later as a coach. She has also been a rower and golfer and now has a keen interest in running, swimming and watersports.


Her previous career engaged her interest in science to work in clinical trials, and then medical education/public relations of prescription pharmaceuticals. Becky worked with general practitioners, consultants and nurses in therapeutic areas, including pain management, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, asthma and obesity. She worked at the forefront of science as drugs launched and new clinical data was released. 


Becky has practiced pilates for over 15 years, to rehabilitate and remain strong for sport, through injuries and pregnancies. Her interest in anatomy, movement and pilates promoted her to train as an instructor with Body Arts Science International (BASI). She now uses pilates to rehabilitate, strengthen and balance clients.


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