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I would say, quite sincerely, that working with Becky has transformed my life!  I had almost daily back pain for 4 years with regular flare ups. I struggled on but it was exhausting. I had tried massage, osteopaths, physiotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractors with no real improvement and a few suspect diagnoses and treatment plans.  I work as a surgeon and was perpetually having to stand in awkward positions for long periods of time, during operations and this was not going to change. Pregnancy and then carrying a toddler around, made the problem worse. 


I'm so grateful to Becky. She has an amazing understanding of biomechanics and has changed my posture and worked with me to strengthen the muscles which were weak as a result of mis-use. I don't have back pain anymore. I have a set of exercises which I do regularly, which both strengthen and re-set my core muscles. I can identify when I'm off-centre and self-correct. I love seeing Becky in person because she optimises the efficacy of the exercises and is constantly working with me to improve me and refine the workout. 

– Dr Jo M

I fortunately found Becky through a friend who knew someone with a similar knee cap tracking problem to me.  After a year of trying to find out what was wrong with my knee and working with physiotherapists, I was still struggling to walk for more than a few minutes without debilitating pain.  Becky's calm and methodical way of observing how the body works and eagle eyes with pinpoint accuracy for ensuring the body is in line has steadily got me back on my feet.  A combination of strengthening the muscles but also the importance of being in the correct position to do the exercises have been key to my progress.  Who knew that your pelvis and feet positions have so much impact on the knee!  What I thought of as straight good posture was actually completely wonky and Becky has helped me to see this and train my brain to see it too.  I now have my life back, thanks to Becky.

– Emma

I first started seeing Becky when I had damaged a disc in my back and could hardly move without pain, she got me back to being pain free and strong within 6 weeks.

Since then I have seen her regularly, in person, and online, plus I subscribe to her online classes.

She keeps my back strong and straightens me up when I’ve gone a bit wonky. I highly recommend her.

– Victoria

Becky is an incredibly thoughtful trainer and great at tailoring exercises to different needs. She fixed a back problem that osteopaths and physios hadn’t been able to sort out for years. When I damaged my knee, Becky’s rehabilitation programme got me back running and swimming. Without Becky I don’t think I would be able to run any more.

– Freya

I have been using Becky for the past 5 yrs or so and I can highly recommend her to anyone that has a slight issue with the posture of the body.  Having slipped my L3 disc 25 yrs ago I’ve always had back complaints.  Playing golf most weekends and doing gym work everyday there is always times when the back decides to protect the body from injury which then puts my body out of shape.  With Becky’s wonderful infectious personality you already know you’re in the right hands as soon as the door is opened.  Like most guys I’m not exactly coordinated but within minutes you seem to be put straight from your first roll down to the last roll down and everything in between is an enjoyable experience as Becky is extremely calm and diligent to any injuries you have.

Golf has improved tremendously as the core is extremely strong and I have gained an extra 30yds with the driver.  I can now follow through with increased confidence and there is no pain in the back.  All aspects of the game has improved as the body is in correct alignment.

– Paul

Becky has been training me for the last 10 years. I went to her after a major back operation and was unable to exercise standing. Under her expert instruction and very patient guidance I am now, not only fully capable, but capable of competing. 

She has an expert eye and attention to micro-detail for each posture.  I have a chronic issue with my back and time after time expertly puts me back together. Because of Becky I am able to do things my surgeon after my operation never thought possible. 

Over the years she has treated neck and shoulder issues, continues treatment for my sacroiliac displacement  and back transplant and fusion. her insight and vast knowledge and her capacity to combine all her experience benefits the most demanding of cases.

– Alex

I have been doing Becky’s online Pilates for Golfers classes since January ‘21 and have benefitted greatly from the strengthening exercises specifically aimed at improving my golf swing. I can highly recommend this class to all lady golfers who would like to improve how well they can hit a golf ball. 

– Julie

At the start of ‘Lockdown’ a new class especially for golfers was introduced on Zoom by Becky. It has encouraged golfers to improve their strength and flexibility.  The classes have been fun and Becky is so knowledgable on all aspects of the body that the ladies want it to continue as it is so beneficial for their golf. 

– Chris
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